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So.... Extra curricular activities?!


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Hey guys,


I'm a biochemistry student and I just started my junior year. My original plan was to study for GRE and take it Apr/Sept 2015 and apply for graduate school that starts at Sept 2016. However, I'd just realized apart from doing research, I haven't done much on other ECAs...(No leadership experience AT ALL.) So speaking of your experience, is extra curricular activities very important for graduate school application?


Here's what I have for now:

GPA 3.9 ,Top 25 public schools

Major in Biochemistry, minor in Computer Science

Two years working in the same lab

One summer working in another lab

One second author publication

Two presentations at national undergraduate research conference


I'd also just started working in a new lab since September this year. Other than that I had volunteered here or there, but nothing really exciting. An alternative that I was think about is that I can start involving more in school for the next two year, and take a gap year to apply for grad school. Could you guys tell me if it's worth it to have a gap year in exchange of having more ECAs? Thankyou so much in advance




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It's not like Med School where you have a long checklist of necessary activities: research, leadership, volunteer, etc. Working in a lab is not a required course, so I think they see that as a sort of ECA that is actually directly related to your career goals.

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I think my ECs just helped them remember me. "You're the one who plays rugby!" Was mentioned a few times. My only extra curricular that they really found impressive was being an RA. But I wouldn't say any of these things would make or break an application.

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