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ECs on CV?

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Currently I have a CV/resume hybrid.  On it I list my more prominent experiences with ECs during undergrad.  I want to write a more straight-forward CV and ditch the resume type of stuff.  


One included sitting on a committee as a student liaison; focus: student welfare and retention.  One includes being VP of student government.  One includes building robots for competition with zero prior experience.  One is writing for the student newspaper (3 years total.  Submitted and was published to every issue minus two). And one is for being EiC of student newspaper.  (there are a few that I am not listing)


All lead to an official recognition/award at the end of the academic year during an official ceremony/dinner event recognizing outstanding contributions to school/campus life; two years in a row.  I have seven total awards/recognitions.  


I was even nominated for Student of the Year one year, but didn't win.  Perhaps among other things, I believe my GPA was too low.    


None of these things are directly related to my course of interest except for maybe the robotics comp (it was an underwater ROV) and perhaps the committee (aren't committees a big part of academia?).  I believe the student newspaper thing shows that I am familiar with submitting a piece of writing, having it reviewed/edited, and published.  But I also feel like I might be stretching a bit there.  I don't want to seem desperate. 


They are all feathers in my hat but nothing academic or research.  These look awesome on a resume but not sure if on a CV.  So I dunno.  I tried googling this topic but found nothing so far except for a few articles that seemed to confuse CV with resume and some stuff relating to England.  


Any insights?  

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Definitely include the committee position and VP of student government. Most academic CVs have a "service" section, and both activities qualify as service. It shows that you were engaged in your undergraduate institution, and its similar to the kind of engagement/service you'd be required to do as faculty.  I'd omit the other activities...they just don't seem that relevant and it would be a stretch to call them service. 


Don't forget to include your awards/recognitions. 

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I included these things on my CV. I put them in a section called "Service and Leadership" or "Service and other experiences" depending on what I actually included and what my goal for the CV was. In this category, I have some academic related stuff (undergrad research journal editing, VP for student physics society), as well as non-academic but service stuff (student government, TA labour union) and even community service (teaching at youth groups etc.). 


I put them in mostly to show the reader that I am a well rounded person with many priorities outside of research and academics. If the reader is looking for signs of well-roundedness, then yay! If the reader is going to consider these aspects as negative (e.g. "oh TakeruK was involved in a labour union? we don't want him!!") then that's okay because I don't want them either :P

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