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So I appeared and did surprisingly well


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I did not expect to score 322(v-157, Q-165, AWA-3) after giving the exam. I had screwed up the two sections. Can someone help out with what colleges I should apply for? I had narrowed it down to USC, Colorado Boulder, IIT Illinois, and Michigan state univ. Below is my profile:


GRE: 322(v-157, q-165, AWA-3)

CGPA: ~3/4 (7.2/10)(Manipal Institute of Technology)(information Technology)

Work Exp: 1.5 years at Oracle, 1 year at ZS Associates

Internship: Oracle

Project: Being used at college

10: 84%

10+2: 76%


I plan on applying for CS.

Thanks !



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I cannot imagine attempting to take the GRE in a second language - you rock!


Could you please suggest whether the universities I have chosen are ambi/mod/safe. And other universities that might suit my profile well?

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