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MPP / MPA ... need help!

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I am want to apply to a top MPP/MPA (Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, etc), but I would like to know if I have real chances of being admitted.

This is my profile:

I am from Argentina and have 27 years old. I have a bachelor and a master degree in economics in Argentina. My work is experience is two year at the national government and two years at the World Bank in Washington dc. I got a pretty good GRE.

My weakest aspect are my scores at university ... they aren't that good.

Should I apply? Do I have real chances?

I know that maybe the best decision is just to apply ... but I would like to know if I have chances.


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Yeah, the fact that you've been out of school for a while (and with impressive work experience!) don't make your grades as crucial to your admissions (not to say that they don't matter). Out of the 3 you mentioned, I'm sure you have a good shot at Columbia (I'm only knowledgeable about the standards for this school since I'm finishing off my undergrad here and have taken a bunch of SIPA classes).

... though I agree with Politicalgeek that numbers for GPA and GRE (even if only approximate) will allow us to give you a better approximation.

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