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  1. I think you'd be a shoe-in at SIPA, and would likely get into HKS. Be warned, though, that while the HKS MPP is a top-notch policy program, it's nowhere near as international as it purports to be. Yes, HKS as a whole sends as many students to international jobs as its peer institutions (as represented by the aggregated list of employers posted publicly on its website), the employment data disaggregated by program that they handed out at the Admitted Students' day reveals that the jobs in international org's are mostly from the MPA/ID and mid-career graduates, the latter of which I'm assuming were already in the field; the MPP employers for the last few years only included a few international organizations. I was frankly put back when I realized that they play up their IGA concentration to the point where it's their most popular concentration, when the employment prospects for students in the area isn't so great.
  2. Could you do both? I got into WWS with a 3.28 with several (though admittedly not as many) poor grades in relevant classes also due to personal reasons at a non-HYP Ivy, and I think what made me competitive was the fact that I compensated through high GRE scores and A's my junior/senior years in advanced classes (some at the graduate-level) in the areas that I'd previously performed poorly in. Also, I made sure to include a succinct, fact-based statement addressing this head-on in the "additional information" sections of each application. I think you would benefit from this, too. You otherwise seem to have a strong profile, so, with a strong statement of purpose that tells a compelling narrative, I think you might be competitive.
  3. I made a thread for final decisions and leave-behinds for future applicants a few threads down ("Wrapping It Up").
  4. As most of us have received most or even all of our admissions and financial aid decisions, I figured I'd start a thread for final thoughts and decisions as in previous years (though making it more generally for everyone on this forum, as opposed to just IR). This is intended as the authoritative thread where next year's applicants will look back, so please share as much of the following information as you feel comfortable, after you have made your decision. [N.B.: Since posts seem to become no longer editable after a certain amount of time elapses, make sure to only post once you've made your final decision. That way, you also have a single post to which you can link in your signatures. ]. Previous Schools (Name, type, or tier): Previous Degrees and GPAs: GRE Scores (Verbal/Quantitative/Analytical Writing): Previous Work Experience (Years, Type): Math/Econ Background: Foreign Language Background (if applicable to your program): Intended Field of Study in Grad School: Long Term Professional Goals: Schools Applied to & Results: Ultimate Decision & Why: Advice for Future Applicants:
  5. They have a paragraph on "requests for reconsideration" on the "messages" tab. Unfortunately, the gist of it is "oh hell no!".
  6. Aaand zero! Princeton it is. Did anybody get the Belfer IGA and/or Charles Edison Fund?
  7. Still deciding, to be honest. Will probably have more clarity once I visit on Monday, and have funding info. Basically it boils down to funding at Princeton versus presence of the top professors in my field at HKS.
  8. I don't know, guys. Getting funding from Zorro seems like a sweet deal (though I hear the tyrant-vanquishing work requirement is a bit of a burden).
  9. Knowing both Wagner and SIPA students, I'd say that if you're looking for more analytical rigor and a broader geographical scope, then SIPA might be the better choice.
  10. Go to Wagner (and this is coming from someone who went to Columbia for undergrad). Wagner and SIPA are probably on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as MPAs are concerned, both in terms of domestic vs international, as well as management vs policy analysis. You're right to say that there are options at both, but I think there is a right choice here, since nonprofit management is definitely NYU's strong suit, and especially since it's cheaper.
  11. Just got into the other half of my dual degree at Yale (the MA in International and Development Economics). I really wasn't expecting this one, given that non-professional programs tend to consider GPA more heavily... Was ready to turn down my FES offer, but I think I'm considering it now. See some of you at the Open House!
  12. Got my packet in the mail this morning (I live in NYC, though, so I'm sure it'll take a few days longer for most). Naturally very satisfied with the package. There was also a nice hand-written, personalized post-script on the admissions letter, which was very nice of them. In high school, I dreamed of going to HKS for grad school, so I knew that turning them down would be tough, but the Princeton admissions committee's making this an increasingly easy decision.
  13. Yeah, I don't think you need to report misdemeanors, but do check. Either way, I vaguely recall there being an "If yes, specify" text box on applications, so if "drinking beer" was it, I don't think you should have a problem.
  14. Just got my financial aid offer. $20k/yr + assistantship.
  15. That being said, you got into two highly-regarded programs, so I wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that you should reapply. If it's money that you're worried about, Stanford allows for your tuition to be completely waived if you get an assistantship (which most apparently do) one or more quarters. SIPA also has a number of assistantships for second-years that get above a 3.4 their first semester (as the assignments are made during your second), but those that pay full tuition are limited and highly competitive to get (smaller awards, though seem to be more easy to come by). As for the academic differences, I'm sure you've noticed that SIPA's MPA-DP is definitely more development practitioner-oriented (as suggested by the name of the degree). Stanford's concentrations are appealing because they essentially allow you to take any relevant class throughout the university, and they're apparently very lenient (within reason) about counting things not listed under your concentration. I reapplied after having only gotten into SIPA last time and was more successful than I ever thought I would be. So, it can definitely pay off if you can line up experiences relevant to your intended course of study (I would guess development work, in your case). Given your choices, though, I would have a long thought about whether it's worth putting it off for several years.
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