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    Berkeley, CA

    anyone able to comment on this? also, anyone have any comments on the jackson grad dorms? apologies in advance if this is asking for too much, but does anyone have any recommendations for someone coming in halfway across the world?! i'd like a somewhat social living environment to meet new people and not have my circle limited to my program. how are the co-op living environments? is there a particular area of campus to avoid-- beit for crime rates or undergrad flooding? or maybe just a pretty inconvenient location?
  2. foreals we should start a may support group, 'cause i'm still hanging on
  3. ah so this might be it for us MPPers, huh.. snap.
  4. pretty good i guess. applied to 6: 4 acceptances, 2 waitlists. waitlisted from my top choice, tho'. still waiting to hear back, but the longer i wait the less i expect good news. considered reapplying for next fall, but... the application process is a real pain!
  5. did they say whether those who didn't get in would be informed of their denial?
  6. checked the results survey. seems like someone got in off the MPP waitlist on april 21st 2012.
  7. torture! i know i won't hear for a few weeks, but i've been stalking gradcafe forums on a daily basis - hoping to hear if other waitlisters have heard back from my top program of choice, any sort of updates, just grasping at straws really!
  8. notification letter stated mid-may. it seems like a few waitlisters got in late april last year, though. i'd imagine the admissions committee holds off on any waitlist decisions until at least after the april 15th deadline for admits.. waiting waiting waiting! it's driving me a little mad
  9. how are y'all hearing back from programs? i'm still waiting on Wagner and SIPA, but nothing has been updated on the sites through which i submitted my applications.. i haven't received any emails..
  10. waitlisted at HKS! ahh well congrats to everyone who got in!
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