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Ecology PHD Program and GRE Question


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I am applying to PhD programs for the fall 2015 and currently in a Masters biology program (thesis). I am looking to get into an Ecology or Biology program to continue my work in marine ecology. I am super worried about my GRE scores and was wondering if someone could tell me if they got into an EEB program with similar GREs. Below are the schools and my stats. 



I have spoken to advisors & will be applying to:

UC Irvine

UC Davis

UC Santa Cruz





157V/152Q/4 AW


GPA: 3.2 UG   3.82 Grad


I have received 2 grants and 2 fellowships


Do you have a recommendation to a school//program that you applied to with lower GREs??? All responses are greatly appreciated! 


Thank you!

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I'm in a similar situation as you are. I'm finishing up a masters in biology and applying to ecology programs. My current GRE scores are slightly higher than yours (V 160, Q 155, AW 4.5), but your GPAs are slightly higher than mine. Most schools that I've looked at list the minimum as the 50th percentile (which I believe all your scores are), so I don't think you would automatically be rejected or anything. However, some of the high ranking schools will mention the average GRE scores of accepted students, and they are often in the 90th percentile or better. However, I've only seen maybe 3 schools put this information on their websites, and they weren't on your list. Don't let that discourage you, though, because 1) it's only an average, and 2) there's more to the admissions packet than GRE scores.

I assume that when you've contacted different faculty, you either gave them your CV or discussed your grades, GRE scores, and relevant qualifications. If they didn't believe you could be accepted with those scores, they probably would have told you. I personally was told by a professor at Utah State that I should try to raise my quantitative score if I want to be considered for department and university fellowships, but she didn't indicate the low score would bar me from admission. Professors from UConn and UNC said my scores were good. So I guess what I'm getting at is that it depends on the school, the department, and what the rest of your application looks like.

I do agree with Monochrome Spring... if you are really concerned, shootb some e-mails to the departments and see if they have cutoffs or can give you the average GRE score of successful applicants.

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