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Just how important are GRE scores for Masters programs?


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I'm applying to MA programs in teaching and I'm curious as to the importance of GRE scores. I'm applying to Stanford STEP, UCLA TEP, maybe Columbia, and some other fairly competitive programs.


I have a Q157, V168, and 5.5 in W. Obviously, the verbal and writing scores are good, but I'm a little concerned about that 157 quant score after talking to some friends and browsing the GRE forum here. I'm wondering if I need to at least bump that score to 160+.


Any input on to how important GRE scores are to these types of programs? Worth retaking the test? Or do teacher preparation and education programs look at applications more holistically? 


Any and all input welcome  :)

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Nope, I'm applying to teach English.


Thanks for the tip about Magoosh! Looks like my quant score is the average for Education PhD programs at Stanford, so it should be fine for STEP as well. I think I just needed some reassurance. Thanks!



Do you want to be a math teacher? If not, I wouldn't worry about it.


Check out Magoosh's GRE averages link by major and tier.  It looks like you are in a more than fine range.

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