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I really need some help, please see if anyone can give me any suggestion.


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Hi everybody,
I am looking forward to all the people on this website to help me out with the process of selecting which universities to apply to. Also I am an international student and I don't have thorough about the whole process of applying to a grad school.
Actually I screwed my GRE exam because I was panicking a lot.
I got 293 (146V, 147Q) awa-3.5 (Though i was getting around V155 or so in my mock tests)
I want to apply for M.a in english literature and I have done my bachelors in english literature only.
 Can anyone please suggest me some safe universities and some moderate ones for such a score.
Looking forward for some help.
Thank you
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I don't mean to sound harsh, but I would strongly reconsider retaking the GRE after some more studying.  If you're going into an English graduate program, I am pretty sure they will want to see at least 150+ on the verbal section, and a lot of decent places ask for a combined total minimum of 300.

I'm not an English major, though, so take my advice with a grain of salt!

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