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This question is going to come off to be oddly specific but it is a legitimate concern of mine so please help if you can! So! I want to know how closely to the max word/character value everyone is aiming for? I ask because most of my programs are around between 500 and 800 words, but I have one school that is stating a 1200 word max. Should I aim  for that number or is it better to just stick to my shorter version so long as it adequately addresses the prompt? 

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The only specific length I have seen so far was in terms of characters, and that is capped at 4000.  My essays are between 1000 - 1200 words.  


If a program specifically asked for 500, I'd give them 500.  If they want 800, they'd get 800.  And so on.  

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I like to write, so that is just me.  Besides, I have some explaining to do in my own SOPs so I'll take as much length as I can get.  


Your SOPs should really be as long as they need to be without being extraneous.  Just keep in mind that at 500 words, if you give them 300 you're in trouble but at 800 words you can probably get away with 700.  It is okay to go over a little, too.


I just checked one of my SOPs from last year: 1466 words.  

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