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Hey everyone, 


I'm in the final stages of applying and then I realized, oops, my CV hasn't been updated since getting my MA. Since that was in history of science, I need help. Does anyone have any advice for headings, what to make sure I include, etc? I've never made a CV for anything but history before. 


So far, I've included: 

  • Education, with dates, GPAs (Not the SOPHAS gpas, because they aren't up yet), degrees
  • Publications and Presentations (Some are totally unrelated, keep or get rid of them, as they were from previous degrees)
  • Thesis project (history ma, related)
  • Related health work experience 

Should I Add: 

  • Medical Competencies 
  • Related coursework
  • Anything else?

I really appreciate your help. 

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tips from my current career counselor: if it's relevant to the programs you're applying for, include it. headings should be specific to you and you can label how you wish as long as it highlights your experiences. also, try to focus on your accomplishments or results of your work rather than simply specifying the tasks you completed under each experience. 


I suggest not creating an entirely separate section for your thesis research, I did and recommend including it under research experiences. since it's a cv, maybe also include an awards section (scholarships/merit), relevant professional organizations you're a part of, and relevant community service. basically, include all things that present the skills/experiences you want your readers to get from reading the cv alone. 

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In addition to things mentioned above I would say:

- ditch the course work! Your transcripts have that covered. Don't be redundant...unless it is that one or two courses that you want to highlight, one where you won that prize? Where you presented at nationals?

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