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GPA calculation: final year/two year


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Hey all,


I would really love to hear from some of you who have some experience. I am DWELLING on theses numbers. I'm in a business co-op undergrad program and took a full course load. I took some additional courses during the work terms due to limited course offering.


-- All MPA programs I'm applying to require a 3.3/B+ minimum.


I have an 8.7/3.24 with final two years (full time only), a 3.3 when incorperating part time credits, and a 3.4 when just taking the top 20 half-credits in my last two years.


How do you think the school will assess that? Will I still be considered? Do grades matter much beyond meeting the cutoff? (I have excellent extra curriculars, work experience, two strong academic and two strong professional references)


Also, in my final year, since I am ahead, is it okay to take a 4 course load instead? or is this frowned upon?


Sorry, lots of questions but look forward to any advice!

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That really depends on the school.  I'm applying to a different field but I have been asking around about this. Most schools  told me to count back to the last 5 credits for final year (0.5 credits half year course and 1 credit full year). So if I took 2 credits in Summer and 3.0 in Fall with application due in Spring that would be my 5 credits.  However if I took nothing in Summer, the last fall-winter marks would be used. Same thing for final year. 


I don't think part-time vs full-time has anything to do with calculating GPA. It should only come into play in terms of them deciding on whether you can handle full-time grad studies. 


Note: Call the admission office before you do anything it took me less than 30 minutes at each school for someone to answer all my questions. And they each gave specific instructions. 

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It varies slightly school to school. I believe for Queen's they assume one year = 10 credits,  so they simply will look at your last 20 credits if you haven't graduated yet.


Grades do matter beyond the cutoff- your essay/references/experience might give you some advantage, but only can do so much unless you're exceptional when you're stacked against students with 3.7's and similar experiences.


Call or email each school though to get clarification. I went on exchange during my 3rd year, and every school differed in how they would take those grades in account when I was applying last year. 

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