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Anyone get into graduate school without work/volunteer/observation?

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Hi all,


I am applying to grad schools for Fall 2015.  I started pre reqs at USU this Fall.  I will take pre reqs up through the summer.  I don't have any observation/work/volunteer experience under my belt, as this is a pretty sudden career switch.  It is mid/late October now and applications will be due in a few months.  I am corresponding with a speech clinic to do some volunteer work for them, but their orientation session keeps getting pushed back.  I may not have any experience under my belt, at the time of applying.  Did any of you get into grad school without any experience?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm sure a lot of people with very excellent GPAs and GREs were probably able to apply and get accepted. If you have any other experiences that led you to your decision, it could also make a great story for your statement of purpose. Personally, I don't have a lot of 'speech' related experience (aside from observation hours) but I do have teaching/experience with internationals which I could somehow relate to the field. That would probably help.

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