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For me the GRE is like the girl you've always had a crush on.  From a distance you're fine, nothings wrong, you're smooth.  But when she starts to talk to you, you turn into an idiot.  As my test date (2nd time) I can feel the tension building.  I know the info but it's not there when I need it.  Last night studying, I couldn't remember anything from before, especially the quant.  Does anybody have any advice, tips, tricks, or anything.  Three weeks and counting.

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I just took the test today and can't put into words how happy I am to be done with it... I have to say that I wasn't really nervous, mainly, because I got so tired of looking at the book that I was just kind of over the whole thing. And it worked out alright, I think.

As for doing the quant. section - I just had a list of what I considered to be the most important rules/formulas and looked at that throughout the day (kind of like I was revising my vocab) and used it as a reference when practicing. Also, there were certain things that I just didn't remember at all (school was like 9657867 years ago) and had a hard time figuring out for myself so I just skipped them. Obviously, these were only two or three small points but I figured I better get confident about the basics than to spend the majority of my time on details and then feel shaky overall. I'm not sure if this is good advise to give, but feeling secure with the fundamentals made me more relaxed in the test. 

Perhaps this helps you a little bit. You still have three weeks to go! Definitely enough time to practice and revise! 

GOOD LUCK to you! Go get your girl! :)

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just took it today and I am sooooo happy to be done with it! huge weight off my shoulders. i didn't do terrifically well quant: 141 verbal: 160 but I feel good about my essays.


I'm applying to anthropology programs so hopefully the low quant score doesn't hurt too bad.


I found the ets powerprep software to be the most relevant and helpful. this morning before the test i did some last minute reviewing and I'm really glad I did. it helped to boost my confidence and reminded me of some vocab that I almost forgot. You can do this! Take lots of practice tests! So much can happen in 3 weeks!

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