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So I know this may be a dumb question and I've been erring on the side of caution so far but... if deadlines for apps are december 1st and professors won't be e-mailed for their recommendations until after submitted, are recommendations due after or are they also due december 1st?



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Whatever the deadline is-- everything is due by then, I believe. I think given extenuating circumstance one may be able to submit late, but I wouldn't count on it. The trick is to tell your letter writers way in advance that the request will be coming, and to make sure they know their deadline to submit is the 1st.

Personally, I would make sure to submit the application at least a week before Christmas, before it is really hard to reach the writers should something happen and they forget.

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For the sake of giving yourself the best chances, if the deadline is December 1st, then have everything including LOR by the deadline.  Even if they allow you to have some things filter in later after the official deadline it just means they won't have your "complete" application until after that but they will start reviewing other applications once the deadline has passed.  So those who have complete applications then will be seen before yours.  It is October yet so get your LORs the information they need to work on it so they have a whole month to get it in well before December 1st.

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