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Any advice on writing a research statement?

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Hi. I am applying to geophysics master programs. One of the schools I am applying requires a 2 page research statement. I suppose it should include past research experience and future research plans. The problem is that I don't have much research experience (undergrad thesis only), so I wonder how to write an impressive statement under my poor research background. Besides, as for research plans, I do have some ideas about potential research plans, but should I write them in details or just take a few sentences? Any one can give me any advice on it?

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Are you sure it should address research only?

If so, I would use it as a past/present sort of statement.  You can lead in with what you've done and how that has influenced the direction you think you may want to go.  Be sure to outline the different methods of analysis that was used in your research.  Writing two pages ends up being easier than you think.

Most schools do not expect an undergraduate to have a focused research plan going in.  I'm really surprised that a masters program would even ask for a research statement since it's common for masters students to work on whatever research their adviser is working on. 

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