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  1. Thank you fromchaos. My POI also kept saying that there was very little about research plans written in my research statement. He told me that the area I listed was broad and he wanted to know which specific project I want to work on, but I just can't find out a very specific problem that I will work on(don't know how specific it should be). He seemed quite unsatisfied with this and told me he had no idea if I can fit in his program.
  2. Emailed my POI and he said he was not satisfied with the interview. Actually in the middle of that conversation, he told me that it was not an interview, it was just chat(have no idea why he said so). Then when he asked me questions, I just answered them shortly and casually. He's interviewing other candidates this week and he's only taking one student this year, so I guess my chance is... Did anyone ever have a not so good interview but still got accepted?
  3. Hi fromchaos. I also applied U of Wyoming. I had a skype chat with my POI in the mid-february but heard nothing since then. Do you know if they have sent out first round of offers?
  4. Had a skype chat with one of my POI a few days ago. He said my application was good and would be reviewed by the admission committee soon. He seemed willing to let me join his group. Obviously he's not in the committee and I really have no idea what decision the committee will make on me. Just wonder if my POI really wants me, is there a chance that he can affect the decision of the committee?
  5. Hi. I am applying to geophysics master programs. One of the schools I am applying requires a 2 page research statement. I suppose it should include past research experience and future research plans. The problem is that I don't have much research experience (undergrad thesis only), so I wonder how to write an impressive statement under my poor research background. Besides, as for research plans, I do have some ideas about potential research plans, but should I write them in details or just take a few sentences? Any one can give me any advice on it?
  6. I still plan to apply 3 schools for 2015 fall and in the meanwhile I will be preparing for graduate school entrance exam in China in case my application failed again.
  7. The department chair of UH Geophysics told me that currently they have too many students, so they have to cut down the enrollment this year. If you don't have a good contact with particular professors, no matter how qualified you are, you will not be admitted.
  8. Besides, since you have 5 years' working experience and sponsored by your company, I think Rice professional master program is more appropriate for you. Also be aware that, for UT and CSM, the competition is really fierce.
  9. I don't think schools like UT care much about GRE scores
  10. Yeah, but how did you know the exact number of applicants?
  11. Any news from UH? It's so weird not hearing from UH by now. If UH reject me, I have nowhere to go...
  12. Initial J

    I GOT IN!

    Congratulations! I would say my dreams were just opposite to the reality.
  13. One of the schools I applied will send out decisions by March 10th. I emailed to one of my potential advisors to see if he has made any decisions, but he didn't reply. Should I call him?
  14. Oops...First time knowing what a rejection letter looks like...Just think about what I could have done with 125 USD...Hope other rejections won't come too soon.
  15. I've applied 8 universities in exploration geophysics, but still got no news and felt desperate, unable to compete with top students in China.
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