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  1. Hi. I'm not sure Columbia has an exploration focus. Most big Universities don't. Almost all exploration programs are in states where O&G industry exists. I'll be starting in UT this fall and besides Stanford, I think it's the best option. They have a good variety of courses in seismic interpretation, processing, and related courses which could be of interest, such as rock physics, reservoir geomechanics, geology courses (sedimentology, structural, etc), basin analysis, subsurface mapping and workstations, etc. Other good options are U. of Oklahoma, U. of Houston, CSM. The thing
  2. I did, this and last application season. For geological sciences at least, I remember something along the lines where it says you need to contact an adviser before applying, otherwise it might be difficult. For EER I don't know, but at first I was in contact with them and they were very nice and didn't mention anything of mentors.
  3. Thank you. I applied for a MS. I just hope this year there isn't any problems like last year when I couldn't go
  4. I was informed by POI of my recommendation for admission and acceptance by the admissions committee. Final approval by dean's office is left.
  5. There´s a lot of jobs in the environmental part of the energy sector. But it seems as if you would like to be a petroleum geologist or something alike. If that´s the case, I don't think the courses offered for an environmental project would be very relevant. You could either take more courses or divide them so you learn the skills necessary, or you could continue normally and assist some workshops or labs independently.
  6. My POI said he expected results to start coming out within two weeks, so I think there's still a chance
  7. Yes, I was accepted last year, but had issues with my external funding then, which I won't have now, but now maybe they won't accept me FML
  8. Well no, not really, just what I read here. And last year my notification came on February 9. And most of them came from mid-february to mid-march
  9. Yeah, I suppose results will start showing more and more in the next 2 weeks to one month. But aso, I think there's less users this year than past years
  10. Someone got into UT, I believe it's the same person that posted he had an interview back in january. Congratulations!
  11. Since work loead is low I'm dividing my time with three courses to learn to program in python, I would actually like to take more on it and other languages but I can't handle them at the same time. I want to think it will come handy later
  12. They didn't have it last year, so maybe they had trouble with that and want to save time with students applying for one
  13. One time the coordinator of one of the programs I was interested in added me on linkedin, maybe they do check your profile just to see if there's more info there
  14. Even with support I didn't got in, strange thing is I did got accepted into UT. Weird.
  15. I read it in some thread here, they said there was around 700.
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