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Can you submit essays to CDSCAS after e-submitting?

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For example, let's say I want to apply to a university with a 1/1 deadline, and one with a 3/1 deadline. Can I apply to the first school, and then further refine the essays etc in order to submit a better app for the 3/1 school?

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I called about a similar question. From what I understood, you can't edit a pre-existing essay, but you can add a new essay to a school. Although I'm not sure if that includes schools that were in your application the first time applying or if they have to be new after already submitting your application, if that makes sense... Basically one of my schools required submitting the CSDCAS application this past week and should give decisions by this week (early admissions for undergrads, but nothing guaranteed). So in the case I don't make it in I still have time for the regular season. I only had that school on the CSDCAS system when I submitted the application to CSDCAS. I called CSDCAS and they said the only revisions you can make after submitting are adding new schools and adding new essays (possibly to already existing schools as well?). 

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