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Barron's GRE quant is easy - don't let it fool you!


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I have been solving Manhattan and official ETS quant material and then I picked up 'Barron's 6 practice tests' book. My score went up 6 points in math consistently in all the tests.


Then I asked a friend who has taken the GRE before and confirmed Barron's quantitative is misleading. It will make you believe that you are well prepared only until you take the actual GRE and are surprised.


I want to point out Barron's data interpretation is specially easy and straightforward.


Don't know if this will help anyone, but yeah, if you're solely relying on Barron's for your quant, please be warned (or should I say "admonished"  :P)

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It helped me. I guess it depends on the type of questions you get on the test?

Yes, it's good practice. Don't mean to bash Barron's or anything, I just meant it's best if it's supplemented with a stronger quant book.

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