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Which colleges to target !!


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Hi finished my undergrads in Electrical Engineering in 2008. I am currently working with Schlumberger Technical Services. I am planning to apply for Fall 2010. I need some guidance. I havent written any GREs as yet. I am planning to write both of them by Nov 2009.

I have undergrad %age as 74% i do not know how universities take them as GPA. The highest percentage was 79% and ranked in top 5% of the students. Besides I have a lot of research experience during my undergrads. I visited Nanyang Technological University for 2 months for a research project in 2007. I visited University of Waterloo, CS deptt for a month for research on Comp Nets. I have also got 4 publication to my name 3 in IEEE tier 2 conferences as WCCI, SMC and FUZZ IEEE and one in Springer Verlag.I have 3 strong letters fo recommendation from prof of good repute in the academia.

I want to pursue PHd in Comp Science and am in a dilemma which schools am i elligible to apply to have fair chances of admission. I have also been doing a lot of research on Comp Nets along with my job.

Please guide me. Also are my dates for GRE in time.

As per my profile which college would you recommend me to apply to !!

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You should schedule your GRE a bit sooner if you can. You need to give yourself time to get the scores back, both so you can include them easily in your applications and so you know if you scored well enough for the schools you are applying to. They aren't the most important part of your application, but if you bomb them, your application might get outright rejected at the top schools in your field.

Edit: You know what, I take that back. If you're doing the computerized general GRE, you'll get your scores right afterwards. The only reason to push the date sooner is if you want to give yourself time to retake them if you don't do very well (although I do not know if there is a minimum time limit between takings or something). If you're doing the subject test for your field, that first paragraph applies!

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I agree with the last post. It would benefit you to take your GRE's ASAP, that way you will not have to worry about waiting for scores to report.

I took my GRE's in June and July right after I graduated from my undergrad. It worked out well for me.

But if you feel like you need the time to really study for them, then take the time. It's not that hard of a test. Im sure you'll do fine without real intense study.

best of luck

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