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Automatic Culling via GRE Scores


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As I understand it, your application goes to the graduate division of any school and then is sent to the specific department to which you are applying.


I have a really crappy Q score and I was just told by one POI that the graduate division may not look kindly on that, even though my V score is 99th percentile and I'm applying to the English department.


I looked on the school's graduate division website and saw no information to that end. Is it kosher to email them and ask about that?

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I'm in precisely the same boat as you. Great verbal, great AWA, dismal quant. 


I went and spoke with someone in the admissions office. She told me that departmental faculty read every single application, and there is no graduate division culling.


Call your schools!

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@IQ84 How bad of a Q score are we talking here? I sat for the GRE at the end of October and received 170V/158Q/5.5AWA. I'm seriously stressing the quant score - only 71%, whereas I was prepping in at least the low 160s. I'm going for top public policy programs/MBA programs, fyi.

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