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When will I hear back for the spring semester?


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Hi! I applied in September for Indiana State and the deadline was November 1st for the spring semester. I know it hasn't been that long yet, but I'm starting to get a bit panicked. Has anyone else applied for a spring semester before and when did you finally hear back? It's terrible waiting, I'd like to know soon so I can plan out living arrangements and all that if I get accepted.



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The waiting is such a killer! You can take a look here:


And it looks like some S15 decisions are still being sent out. (I take it that S15 means January 2015 entry, since some schools call the May entry "Spring".) Try calling/emailing the grad unit to ask if you can get any update, and when you can expect a decision. Good luck!

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Thanks for the information! I actually just heard back today and I've been accepted! :D


Congratulations!!! I just got accepted into my dream school as well for January 2015!

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