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In which order I should prepare for GRE?


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I have just started preparing and right now completed some vocab (500). I have following study materials but I am not sure which one I should study first or will it be better to start all at the same time:


Magoosh premium account, Manhattan 5lb book, ETS official guide (3 books)


Please suggest the order or your valuable opinion. Thanks in advance,

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You should find a Magoosh study guide from their blog - it helps you ease into it, going in an order than makes sense while integrating their stuff with ETS stuff.

By the way, great choices on your materials, in my opinion! Those materials are exactly what I used to study. Good luck!

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You don't have to go one after the other in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with doing the ETS or Manhattan while using Magoosh online.


I think it also helps to get as much experience getting used to testing on a screen, so familiarizing yourself with Magoosh through constant use would probably be helpful.

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