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The experimental analysis of biological or biomedical systems


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The following question is in the application and I am not sure how to answer it, would you please explain???


Please describe your experience, as acquired through coursework, research, or other projects, or your plans for obtaining or expanding such experience, ideally before starting your PhD. 

The experimental analysis of biological or biomedical systems


Many thanks in advance.

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It seems to be asking about your research experience -- but specifically, the questions you asked in those experiences and how you went about analyzing those problems.


It's a really odd statement, especially the "ideally before starting your PhD" part. I would assume all "prior research experience" falls into this category if you are applying to a PhD program.


I would promptly email the program advisor/coordinator and address your confusion. I imagine your deadline is approaching.

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Thank you so much for replying.


This question from Stanford Biosciences application, and I did not see it when I started my app almost a month ago. The problem with Stanford that they never answer emails, I emailed them many times regarding to different issues in the admission process and I have never received a response. However, I emailed them today, hopefully they will answer.


Thank you so much for response.



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