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How long before follow-up?

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(I'm sure this question has been asked before but a search turned up nothing. Apologies!)


I submitted a paper on October 31 and didn't even get an email back saying "received." When's a good time to follow up on this? Obviously the professor/editor is very busy during this time but I want to ensure that they received it otherwise I just may never hear back about it ever again.


This is a yearly publication, so I think their timeline is quite a bit more stretched than the usual quarterlies.



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It highly depends on the publisher and/ or editor. If the publisher is well known like Elseviers, Springers, Taylor & Francis, IEEE etc or the editor is well known in your field, you should not be worried and should send an inquiry email to the editor after a week of submission (and not more than two) to know if the paper has been properly received. For new or relatively unknown publishers I believe you should wait no longer than two days. It is your work and you have every right to know that it's been treated with respect.

Hope this answers.


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Thank you!  I took your advice and contacted the editor and she said she had meant to inform me weeks ago that it had already been sent out to readers. I'm ecstatic! 

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