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HKS Transcripts Question


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I am a bit confused about these instructions for uploading transcripts: 


"This requirement includes institutions where courses have been taken but no degree was received. The Office of Admissions will not accept transcripts that are accessible through a school's self-service website. For purposes of this application, you must upload transcripts, but please note that if admitted, you will be required to have official signed and sealed transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions prior to enrollment."


Does this mean that we have to upload scanned copies of official transcripts or can we upload unofficial transcripts? When I scan and upload the official copies, they come out illegible. 

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Those instructions are confusing! What I believe they mean is this:


For the online application, you do need to upload your transcript but that is not an acceptable version for matriculation. Before matriculating, you must send in (directly from the school) an official version of your transcript.


I suggest you upload the legible version of your transcript (even if it is unofficial) and then have the school directly mail your official transcript as well.


And of course, just to be safe, you should email the HKS admissions office to clarify and get a clear answer in writing.

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