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Questions regarding grad school

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Hi there!! This is my first post in this forum so please let me know if there's anything wrong in this post.

I'm an undergraduate student from Bangladesh studying Biotechnology, currently in my final year (will be graduating by March next year with an expected GPA of 3.4-3.5). I'm planning on applying for graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering for Spring 2016 session, but I'm not entirely sure whether I would be a good fit for that area of study. So my question is, will there be any hurdles that might prevent me from applying to my chosen area of study?

|f there are no problems, which countries would be best for pursuing a Masters in BioMed Engineering other than the US? In case of the US, which institutions would be good targets for applying? 

Thank you :)

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Your questions are super vague and sound lazy (we read them as : "I dont know how to Google!"), thats why you got no reply.


1. Beside GPA, whats your research experience? research interests? why MSc not PhD? whats your career goal? Ultimately, it is YOU who decides if its a good fit or not. 

2. How good your application is determines what kind of institutions you can get into. If you have done research, you would know the prominent researchers (and institutions) in the field.


Read the Life Sciences + Applications threads for more info.

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