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Do I need to explain why I'm currently unemployed ?

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Had a question to ask .. A few months ago I quit my job intentionally, because I wanted to prepare for my admissions properly .. I had been out of touch from academics for 3 years, and since I had to prepare for GRE, TOEFL, and all other stuff, I felt that my job will be a distraction in the bigger scheme of things, simply because it keeps me so busy .. This is why in August I intentionally quit my job, but plan to rejoin my company in January or so, once I'm done with my university applications.


I just realized that universities who see my resume will probably realize that I don't currently have a job .. But like I said, I had reasons to quit myself intentionally, and wasn't fired or anything.


Do I need to explain this in my SOP, so that adcom don't just assume that I got fired back in August, which is why I'm now thinking of applying for graduate studies ?


My hesitation is that if I blatantly explain this in my resume, then every reader will know that currently I'm unemployment, even if they might not have realized it had I not explicitly mentioned it in my SOP ...


On the other side, if I do mention it in my SOP, then it might protect me from adcom just assuming that I just got fired ..


So need advice ..

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I did the same thing in August as well. Glad I did though because I would have never finished these applications early with the demand of my previous job.

Not sure if it is important to mention that you are currently unemployed. I didn't mention it in my SOP as it would it would retract from the positive strength meaning. I wish there was a way to update my application when I start a new job in January though. I'm interviewing currently again.

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Although I didn't particularly like my previous job, I don't think they will object at all if I decided to go back in January.


But I'm worried that if I don't explain this thing, it might create doubt in the reader's mind when he/she glances over my resume.

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