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Which are the schools that one should apply to for a PhD in Sociology specializing in Social Psychology? I am most interested in schools with good placement record in academia.


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I can't give you a good answer to your question since I'm not well-versed in the sub-field, but I can tell you that the best approach on these things is to find someone who knows what they're talking about and ask them. US News tends to have some validity as far as *faculty* prestige and overall *faculty* research output is concerned - which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't relate to placement, but their model simply does not measure quality of graduate education.

That said, just to throw in my own anecdote for the little it's worth, I visited Duke a few months ago and I was very impressed with the infrastructure they have there for social psych research in their "SSRI" research complex. They clearly are willing to support their grad students logistically on original research projects there, so it might be worth looking into - and I think the department doesn't attract a lot of social psych grad students, so one might benefit from a low student:faculty ratio in social psych.

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