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Considering a career change to SLP but . . .

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I am currently looking into a possible career change as a speech language pathologist but trying to research a few things. I have a few questions. Currently I have a AS in respiratory therapy and work full time. I am able to get my BS in respiratory fully online while working or should I get my BS in communication disorders? I have found quite a few of BS online programs I can try.

Also, I am a single parent so I must work. at least through my BS so I guess my second question would be is it possible to get a masters in SLP online? or is there a part time program that would allow me time for work? anyone have success while working? Finally If you had to stop working, what did you do for income?

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It sounds like you're still torn with pursuing either an RT or SLP. Have you shadowed an SLP in different settings?


A bachelors in RT is a specialized and marketable degree, which can increase your salary as you're probably aware. Having a CSD bachelors does allow you to work as an SLPA in some states and on the condition that you complete a certain no. of practicum hours. Most SLPA positions don't have a lot of stability or are limited because they don't exist in some states or providers lack funding. Some schools only consider applications from students with a CSD bachelors. In most cases, however, you don't need it. There have been a lot of people on these boards who were accepted without a bachelors in CSD after only completing the required prerequisites.


Have you considered doing your RT bachelors and then complete the prerequisites for CSD as part of your RT bachelors' electives? You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone in that plan. If you don't get in SLP, you have something to fall back on. For now, you can probably start by looking into the requirements of the schools you plan to apply if you need the CSD degree or just a few prerequisites.

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