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E. Asia or Poli-Sci or Other Journals?


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I have a grad-level paper that my professor let me write as the final paper for his class, even though it barely tangentially had anything to do with the department. I was told it's a great paper (in terms of the concepts in it), and I am considering rewriting it for publication, but I have no idea what pubs are out there that cover this type of topic! Neither do the folks in the department, because it's just not relevant (in any case, I've been out of the department for years now).


The paper is about a political activist in China from the early 1900's who had a hand in the uprisings of the same period, and basically I extrapolate from his writings, speeches, and historical accounts, what his (unstated) theory could be said to be, regarding political stability and instability. 


The paper discusses or otherwise incorporates elements from Mahayana Buddhism, Neo-Confucianism, and Darwinism as well.


Any thoughts from the pros on where I might look into publishing?

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