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Application + TOEFL


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Hey all, 


I am currently in the process of applying to Chicago's Divinity School and Toronto's religion department.


I need your advice on a few questions:


1) Chicago requires a minimum score of 104 on toefl exams -- how flexible are they?


2) What is the average percentage of applicants who get accepted to Chicago?


3) Regarding the personal statement - is it recommended to add a personal background (not strictly academic oriented)? 


4) Also - is it better to indicate a few areas of interest or perhaps just two main areas of inquiry ( - in the personal statement)?




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Presumably if 104 is the minimum, it's the minimum - that's what is implied with such a term.


As far as percentages - are you applying PhD or M*? If PhD, it's about 10% overall but varies across field. MDiv is about 40% (For MDiv, about 75 apply and 30-35 are accepted but packages are structured in such a way that they try to aim for only 12-15 accepting their offer).


For your SOP - If PhD, if your personal background ties into your research interests, go for it but go for it carefully. If MDiv, it's more acceptable but still not a green-light for an autobiography.


Research interests - PhD students are generally required to develop proficiency in at least one minor/subfield so if you already have an idea of what that might be, go for it. If MDiv - it's more or less icing on the cake. In both cases, the expectation is that you'll grow while in the program so some things will change.

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