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UC Berkeley Sociology & Demography VS. just Sociology


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I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with Berkeley's Sociology & Demography program? I am applying to Sociology PhD programs with social demography as a primary research interest and I was wondering if I should apply to the joint program at Berkeley instead of just sociology (you can't apply to both in the same cycle). The only things I am afraid about w/r/t/ applying to the joint program are 1) that I might realize a few years in that I mostly want to do sociology with some demographic relevance without actually doing formal demography and 2) that the joint program is more competitive to apply to.


Is anyone here at Berkeley or familiar with the department and demography-inclined? What do you think are the pros and cons of the joint program versus getting a degree in just sociology, just specializing in demography?



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I only know what I've read online, so I don't have any Berkeley-insider knowledge. However, is the joint program actually more competitive? It seems that they have similar acceptance rates: less people apply to the joint program but less people are admitted.

A minor benefit of the joint program is an extra week to apply. Also, it seems that the vast majority of Demography coursework is finished within the first year of the program. (See the final example listed on this webpage.) 

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