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POI question!


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hey all!

i was wondering if you could help me ease my neuroses. I contacted a POI back in October to ask if she was accepting students and over the course of a few emails made tentative plans to meet in December as i would be in the same city as the university. I emailed her about a week ago and have yet to hear back. Obviously these application nerves are in full force and i've assumed the worst (no response = no acceptance) but i was wondering if people could share their experiences/tell me what steps i should take next/etc

thanks so much!

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Don't stress. One POI offered to review my application and I emailed him my documents about a week ago and he has yet to reply. One of my undergrad professors also has not replied to an email sent a week ago and he is the nicest prof ever, one of my favourites.  


Everyone is super busy right now! In Canada, it is final exams, I am assuming it is the same in the U.S. ?? 

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