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How's first year going?


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I wanted to steal a topic from Sociology, which they stole from who-knows-who: 


"As the new application cycle revs up, I find myself wondering how all of us who went through this last year are doing. Unfortunately, I find myself out of touch with some people that I kept up with at this time last year. Whether you're in a semester or quarter system, you've either already gone through midterms or are about to enter into midterm season. How are things going? Is your program everything you hoped and dreamed so far? Have you changed or kept your original research questions?"


Figured it'd be nice to catch up, and might provide some light at the end of the tunnel for those of us in the middle of application season. 

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Hey NYCBluenose! I remember you from last year. Things are going middling to well in my MA program - depends on the day you ask and whether my need to run away to sociology is strong that day. I got hired last minute to grade papers and exams for a fourth-year seminar, which I am finding more difficult and unnerving than any coursework. I wonder how TA-ing will be next semester.

I'm already preparing for application season next fall and back on this forum.

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