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Regional vs. National Accreditation (Employer POV)


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 I've been researching a lot of schools concerning online MBA programs. Since cost is a huge factor for me, I've found several nationally accredited schools that I'm considering. I've read that regionally accredited schools are typically a bit more reputable and the credits are more easily transferred and recognized by other schools. However, since this is my Masters and I'm not planning on going on to get a Ph.D, is it worth it to pay extra for a regional accreditation? Do employers care at all about where the degree came from? I'll most likely be choosing a smaller school that is not well known so I don't think anyone would know the accreditation unless they took the time to research.

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People do care, somewhat, about where your degree came from. You don't want people thinking you went to a degree mill where you fork over money and they give you a diploma. Because of that, you'll want to choose a school with solid name recognition (so Penn State not SNHU), which probably means a school with regional accreditation. It's not so much that people know who the accrediting agency is but that they tend to favor schools they recognize and don't have a negative opinion of.

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