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Fall 2015 SAIS Early Notification

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I know the notification date is December 30th, but I can't help but believe that decisions must be ready a few days earlier. 


I'm hoping it makes sense for the admissions decisions to come out early, rather than later. Until then, I'm going to check every day.


I'm sure that I'm not alone here.

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Man, I hope they do come out early. Dec 30 is a terrible day to get a notification. Does anyone have an idea of how we are likely to be notified?


From past years, it looks like you get an email asking you to login to the Apply Yourself application portal. Somewhere on the application page there has been a letter discussing acceptance/rejection.


It also looks like that first email goes into a lot of people's spam folders. 

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Is this the first year that SAIS has offered early notification? Re: that email saying admissions was gone until the 5th, I wonder if they've just said what they always say, and had a lil brain fart.

Otherwise I don't see how we could hear back by the 30th...

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From the SAIS Admissions webiste:


Please note: Due to the volume of application processing, the SAIS DC Admissions Office will be closed to visitors beginning December 22 through January 9. We will, however, answer inquiries via email atsais.dc.admissions@jhu.edu and by phone at 202.663.5700.


So it seems that Admissions isn't actually gone, as they will be taking phone calls. The office is just closed to visitors. I'm assuming they have today and tomorrow off. Hopefully we'll hear back on the 27th, maybe the 28th??

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Mine was right beneath the recommendation providers as: DECISION STATUS AVAILABLE 12/30/2014. There was a link to follow to view my admission letter.


Would you be willing to share more info? Like what campus you applied for, etc? I'm banking on the batches thing too, and I'm dying. 

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