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Ridiculous Grammatical Error in Last Sentence of Personal History Statement

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Two of the schools I applied to require personal history statements which are separate from the statement of purpose. I submitted my applications two days ago and just now noticed a horrific grammatical error in the last sentence of my personal history.
The sentence was along the lines of "A graduate education will allow me to better achieve my goals with respect to not only my academic and professional careers." It's a cliched sentence, but what makes it worse is that the "not only" shouldn't have been there...


Anyway, I submitted that, and am now kind of super worried. It wouldn't make or break my application, but it definitely wouldn't help. Should I contact the two schools tomorrow and see if I can submit an amended version of the statement? Or would that be even more embarrassing?


(I re-read the statement a zillion times, but after a while the words kind of blurred together and I somehow missed that error...)

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I honestly wouldn't worry about it at this point.  It is not worth the hassle of trying to get someone to upload an updated version, just let it go.  If your whole getting in or getting out of graduate school is hinged on this last sentence, then maybe you weren't the right candidate to start. 

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. They really calmed me down. With these applications, it's so easy to obsess about any tiny fault you might remember after submission-- especially since most of the deadlines immediately precede winter break. So much time to do nothing but agonize...

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