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Question regarding contacting/Skyping with POIs

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A POI and I had planned to meet at a recent conference but were unable to coordinate schedules. I'd still really like to talk with him however. Would it be inappropriate for me to request a Skype session with him? Or should I simply say that "I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up during the conference. I hope to be able to discuss your research with you at a later date" ? Alternatively: "I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up during the conference. If you have time, I'd still love to discuss your research with you, perhaps via Skype or email, whichever is more convenient" ? Something like that? I know, I'm completely overanalyzing this  :wacko: But any input would be appreciated :D

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I think your second request is more direct (although the first version is fine too) and you should choose the wording/tone that feels best to you. After all, he already agreed to meet you at a conference so whatever you were doing before must have been fine!


If you want to overanalyze: Personally, I would always give the professor an "out" so they don't feel obligated/pressured into talking to me, and I think your second version does this quite well.


Many professors do work at home during this upcoming week (schools are generally closed) so this might make it more/less likely to get a response, depending on how this professor operates! Still a good time to email and schedule a time for the week of Jan 5 though.

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