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SAIS analytic essay question

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For the analytic essay component of the SAIS MA application, do you think it's alright for applicants to adapt writing samples they've written previously? 


I only ask because I've adapted a draft of a blog post I wrote recently for work, and that blog post is now published. My resume alludes to some of my online publications, though not this writing specifically. I'm just concerned that maybe the adcom would look into the blogged publications when reading my resume/reviewing my app in general, and they may find that one particular blog post is similar to the analytic essay I submit.

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I personally wrote something new. If I'm remembering correctly what the essay's question was, you're supposed to choose a global topic of interest and discuss it. For me, it didn't make a lot of sense to try and adapt something, because you were meant (at least when I was applying) to tie it back to work you had done or how you were personally invested in the issue being discussed. I ended up choosing the topic of skilled female labor migration, which I have direct experience with through work. So I wrote about the topic, why it was important to me, and how I had worked on it and used it to demonstrate how I would be a good candidate/good addition to the incoming class due to those experiences/skill set.


Here's a blog post you might find helpful: http://admissionsatsais.tumblr.com/post/34855344022/the-application-process-the-analytical-essay

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