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Question about area of specialization?

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Ok, so I am interested in philosophy of science and especially epistemology.


Here is the problem.


I majored in philosophy straight thru from undergraduate to my master's program. I didn't double major in a scientific field, like physics, although I definitely intend to get a degree in physics at some point to complement my specialization in the philosophy of science .


I like epistemology as well, and I'm working on a new article in the area. Thing is, the only epistemology course I took 2 years ago in my master's program I got a B+ in.


My questions are:


will my lack of a degree in a science field put me at a competitive disadvantage when applying?


Will my B+ in epistemology hurt me if I state on my personal statement that I am interested in epistemology?


All of my other credentials are very strong. 3.9 GPA, in the 1400s on my GRE, three letters from very well-known professors in the field....

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1) do you have coursework in physical science? I'm not sure if you're pursuing a masters or PhD, but getting another degree in physics is excessive with the 3 you already have. You will be fine with good grades in science.

2) don't worry about the B+. It's not a terrible grade and it's ok that you've only taken one class. You'll just want to show why this is the best area for you in the sop. If you're still worried about it, maybe get the epistemology professor to write one of your recs.

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