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HUGE mistake on SOP :(

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I just realized minutes later after submission that I wrote a different first name for a professor with whom I wished to carry out research. I actually did a lot of research on him and just grasped his last name so i wrote


Prof. X Z instead of Prof. Y Z,

a completely different first name is a ridiculous mistake I believe and i think i hurt my chances already...  :(


have you guys ever come across any situations for your SOPs?


i feel very anxious

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Email whoever is in charge of applications and ask to update your SOP. 


I have to say, though, this is not a HUGE mistake. It's somewhat unfortunate, but anyone who would notice it would think you just made a mistake and would move on. If your statement is strong, this will not kill it. 


Oh, and personal story: just today, submitting a job application, I noticed minutes after submitting that I forgot to include some information that was explicitly asked for in one of my statements. I quickly added it, emailed the HR person in charge of the system, and heard back within a few hours that they'll update the file for me. If they had said no, it would have sucked because it was explicitly asked for and probably would have hurt me, but I am truly of the opinion that no one thing is the end of everything. If they are interested, they will look past one blemish, or they will ask you about it. Admissions is a complicated procedure that involves multiple people with multiple points of view. 

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