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The "Protocol" for Ecology/Marine Bio?


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Hey everyone; I'm new here, looking to jump on the grad school process train. It seems like a good way to organize myself while being part of a great community.


For background:

  • I'm an Ecology graduate with interest in Marine Science for MS/PhD.
  • I was recommended into, and had an offer to a PhD program which I turned down due to lack of interest in both the school and program. I first had contacted the PI who THEN told me to apply to the school.


Thus, I thought this was the status quo for graduate school applications:

1) Find POI(s) -> 2) Contact -> 3) POI Approval -> 4) School Application -> 5) School Approval


However, looking through the way you all are handling things, it seems to be more like:

1) Find POI(s) -> 2) School Application -> 3) School Approval -> 4) ??? -> 5) Profit


I haven't had much success with the bridge between contacting a POI and even getting a response, let alone an approval. I just don't apply to these schools at that point, because I don't have an interest in other professors' work.


Am I confused because this forum is for Biology as a whole; not just Ecology/Marine Science, which are "different"?


Or am I just doing it wrong?

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You may have better luck here:


You might be confused because non-ecology biology disciplines typically don't involve arranging an agreement with a PI prior to applying, and many of us aren't ecology applicants.

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Thanks! I'll make a crosspost over there. I figured I'd put it into the mix, since there was no subforum per se... subtopic however... I'll go with it. :P

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