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Looking at MURP Programs

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Hi, I'm going to graduate next spring with my BA in Geography (Urban and Regional Studies) with a minor in Sociology from The Ohio State University. I'm looking at MURP programs in Ohio and surrounding states. I think I've narrowed it down to, in this order: Louisville, Ball St., Cincy, and Ohio State. I think I'd have a better chance for funding from Louisville or Ball St. Louisville is very appealing to me with all its joint programs. I currently have a 3.1 GPA and am going to take my GRE in August. Does anyone have any input on how hard it is to get funding from U of L and Ball?

I'm also looking at Miami of Ohio, although the degree is a MA in Geog. Does anyone know how intense the Urban Planning specialization is? I know its not accredited by the PAB, but its better than nothing, and I think I'd have a good chance for funding.

Also, how important does the Undergrad school play into the application process? Am I wrong for thinking an Ohio State degree will help my chances since it is ranked 5th in the nation for Geography?


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