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  1. Take a break from those lit. reviews and play this game!
  2. Well, I'm going to continue working 65 hrs. per week until late August when I move. Its going to be so nice not working during school. I 30-40 hrs per week my senior year. Yup, move down there, hope my girlfriend can find a job. I'm going for my masters, and all I can think about is where I should go for my Ph.D haha...
  3. So I guess I can stop checking my mail. A current student told me that I won't here anything until later in the summer which will only be an email about orientation. But she's my housemate for next year and she's throwing a party at our house for new students, so I'll meet them then.
  4. So, if I qualify and accept the 20,500 annual Stafford loan, that'll be distributed per term. Now, I'll be going to a quarterly school, so will it be split three ways, or will it be disbursed in the summer, so four installments? Is it based on if I plan to go during the summer? which I don't. I'd much rather have 6,700 per quarter than 5,000...
  5. My cohort hasn't met yet either. Actually, I haven't heard anything from the program since I accepted. Is that normal? Though I haven't met anyone from my class, my future housemate is in the program right now, so hopefully she'll be able to give me a few pointers.
  6. So this might be a dumb question, but I'm about to graduate from undergrad and am being asked to do my Exit Counselling. I'm going to grad school next year. Do I do the exit counselling and that's it? Will the gov't know that I'm in grad school in the fall and keep my loans deferred or do I have to do something. I have a private loan as well, and I think I have to let them know that I'm staying in school. Is it easier than I'm making it out to be? Thanks in advance.
  7. It really won't mean much for anyone. It allows for more pell grants to be handed out over a few year span, but only about $400 more per student, all-the-while tuition rates will continue to rise from 3-7% each year. Do the math, status quo.
  8. By budget are you referring to the cost of attendance? I thought that federal loans were out of the realm of the school's authority. With an EFC of zero, I should be eligible to take out 20k/year, minus other aid. So my CoA is 22k/year, if I don't get any other aid, I should be able to take out 20k to pay for tuition and living expenses.
  9. My EFC is zero. How does the Stafford loans work? I know it caps out at about 20k per year. Do we have the opportunity to accept up to that amount, or are we allocated a certain amount? I read that only after we've exhausted the Stafford then we can apply for Grad PLUS loans. My tuition will cost 9k for the year, but I want to get loans to live off of, which would be around 10-15k. The cost of attendence is 22k. Would it be reasonable to think that I could get a 20k loan each year from Stafford and be set?
  10. Yeah, I'll probably have my tuition covered, but I want to get loans to live off of so I don't have to work. I've read that only after you max out the Stafford (20,500), you can apply for the Grad PLUS loans, but they require a credit check. I probably need 10-15k a year to live with. So hopefully I can get that in Stafford loans.
  11. Also, do landlords deposit your security deposit right away? I don't have the money for a deposit at the moment, do they just need it to show that you're serious about signing the lease?
  12. So I got an email acceptance from a program last week and I decided to accept the offer. I have yet to receive an official letter of acceptance in the mail. I wanted to call the chair to notify her of my acceptance, but I got her voicemail where she said since it was the end of the quarter, email would be the best way to contact her. So I emailed her, and told her, asking if there was a letter coming in the mail. This was friday, and I have yet to recieve a letter nor a email reply. It is finals week, so she's probably busy and hasn't got to it yet. Should I be worrying? I think its because I don't have a paper confirmation. Plus, I'm going to visit the campus and some apartments tomorrow, but with this lingering thought. Its bad form to email her again right? Just wait and have faith?
  13. Good points guys/gals, whew, thought I was the only one.
  14. Okay, so here I am, accepted into every school that I applied to. Great? Yes. Keep in mind that I had huge doubts that I'd get in anywhere with my 3.11 and my 1060 GRE. For this reason, I never truly had a #1. Got into every program, but no funding (as of yet). Got into one in-state school. All things being equal, I will choose the in-state for the tuition and convenience. But for some reason, I'm feeling a little anxious/depressed. Why? Perhaps its because I have to turn down offers, offers that I spent vast amounts of money on to get in. I know some of you will be like, "boo hoo", I didn't get in anywhere. I understand, and I'm sorry for that. I just feel weird. When I got my first acceptance, I was like "woo hoo...I'm going to grad school". Got my second, I'm like "yay, an alternative". Then I figured the last two I'd get in, and I did. Will I feel happier when I decline the others and choose my one? Is this abnormal? I mean, my prefered choice is out of state that would cost me $40,000 for the whole thing. And no, their residency requires 12 months of NON EDUCATION PURPOSES. So I wouldn't get residency after one year. Is is bad to choose based on cost. I mean my in-state isn't a bad program by any means. Also, is it bad to ask what your ranking is for funding? Any advice? Comments?
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