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Under 310 - should I retake?


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Hi all,


I took my GRE two years ago with little prep and scored 159/150/5. I'm applying to PhD programs in Information (one or two Education or Communication, as they intersect).


I do have the time to prep and retake (looking at 2016 Fall entry), but would any of you think this score is competitive enough? It's under the supposed magic number of 310.

Test Date Verbal Reasoning* Quantitative Reasoning* Analytical Writing   Prior Format Current Format   Prior Format Current Format       Scaled Score Estimated 
Current Score Scaled Score % Below Scaled Score Estimated 
Current Score Scaled Score % Below Score % Below 2012     159 81     150 40 5.0 93

Thanks in advance!!

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You have so much time to retake it and a lot to gain from it, so I would do it. I have no idea what Education programs are looking for, but that quant score is really not good and it would be best to bring it up at least a few points. Your verbal is fine and your AW is great, so I don't think you need to worry too much about improving those. I would just focus on studying the quant and retaking it in a few months!

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I got the same scores as you in verbal and writing, but did worse in quant. I didn't retake it due to time constraints, but I'm not sure I'd have done any better second round. Like I said, my quant score was awful, but I applied to English programs, so mathematics was the least of my concerns taking that test.

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Just a note to follow up to folks. I didn't end up actually doing a GRE re-take. Faculty members across the U.S. told me my score was just fine and to focus my time instead on research and publications. I know this is likely dependent on discipline, so take this as you will.

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