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MSW Applications - too late?


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Hi guys,


So I just submitted all of my applications for MSW programs on January 15th, and I was wondering if this is too late. I got freaked out when I was reading some of the MSW threads because a lot of people said they had applied in November or earlier. I was working 90+ hours a week through December, so I had relatively little time to work on my applications. I am applying to U Chicago, Michigan, Penn, UW-Madison, and WashU.


Additionally, I wanted to see if anyone could give me feedback on my stats/probability of getting into these programs given that I am applying later than most people. I went to UW-Madison and have a 3.81 gpa. I was not interested in getting an MSW until my senior year so I have relatively low levels of experience with the field. That being said, I did take tons of social sciences and liberal arts courses, and have worked as a community organizer for the last six months. Now I am working as a clerk for the Iowa Senate's health and human services committee. I was wondering if these programs will reject me because of my low levels of experience in the social work field.



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