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Social Psychology in UBC


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Does anyone know how the Social Psychology PhD program in UBC (Vancouver) is ? I don't know anything about Canadian schools. Are they regarded with the same prestige as the US top 20 ? Do graduates go on to teach in the US ?

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UBC is ranked 34th in the world (http://www.topuniversities.com/universi ... iversities) and it is like an ivy in Canada. However, if you're set on working in the US post-PhD, I doubt UBC will have the same punch as an American ivy. Generally, Canadian academics attend the same conferences, get published in the same journals as their American counterparts, so other than brand recognition (and the quality of the program itself, of course), there is no disadvantage to attending a Canadian school, I think.

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UBC is a very highly-regarded, competitive Canadian school. One of my profs said that it is the second best research school in Canada (behind U of T...but he might have been biased...).

Although it might not be well-known in the US, I would think that the people who matter most in the field would know about it.

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