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Choice of Career( Becoming a sociologist with an MSW degree)


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I would like to become a sociologist. I currently have a MSW and I'm not interested in doing clinical work with individuals with mental illness. I like to know the education path in becoming a sociologist with an MSW degree. It would be ideal if I could obtain a certificate in sociology. If this is not possible, do I have to pursue a Phd in sociology? I think I would enjoy the research end much more than the clinical setting.  I like studying the dynamics of social groups and solving problems that help people. I never held a sociology research position but I'm excited to someday hold this title. 


I greatly appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you



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Hi Ron,


I think that you should look at organizations who do research in areas that interest you, see what academic backgrounds their staff have, and then aim for that type of career path. You might also want to look into doing an internship with one of these organizations as well if that is possible for you.


I hope that is helpful.

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I am also an LMSW interested in research. I am considering a PhD in social work, sociology or public health. I am not in a position to relocate and those are the three programs in my city that I am looking at. The sociology program is the one that seems to best match my interests, but I do like the practical application of social work or public health research. I may apply to all three programs and see what happens! 

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